Top 7 Proven Tips To Help You Become Debt Free

Top 7 Proven Tips To Help You Become Debt Free post thumbnail image

Many people anticipate the day they would be debt-free. However, they only keep a minute proportion of it as a goal. More than ever, it is becoming easier to incur debts but incredibly difficult to come out. According to a survey, over six million Britons lack the faith and attitude to break out. Thus, we created this article to discuss the top seven proven tips to help you become debt-free.

Pay more than your monthly due

The strength of your debts lies in its compounding ability. If you extend the duration beyond normal, you start paying on both the principal and interest. To prevent such occurrence, strive to allocate more funds to your repayment purse. Besides, ensure that overpaying has no negative effects, especially in mortgage loans and other loan types such as payday loans. This route can help you recover years of indebtedness.

Prioritize budgeting before spending

Indisciplined spending is the natural consequence of poor budgeting. When you fail to plan your finances, you sign up for increasing indebtedness. Determine beforehand where each cent should go. Also, it is imperative to have a weekly shopping list. Find a good retail store that offers competitive prices for your needs. Then, shop there often. Invest the money you save via tight budgeting into your repayment account. That way, you can clear your debts faster.

Stop paying for unused services.

Do you know anyone who keeps paying for a gym membership without going? Tutorial services they never attend? I bet you do. Rather than keep up with the Joneses, you can channel these funds to clear your debts. Meanwhile, check your TV subscription to ensure you are not paying too much. Where necessary, cut out superfluous channels with no benefits. Make “only the essential” your spending mantra.

Expand your income source

The major culprit for the rising indebtedness is insufficient income. When you are barely surviving, it is difficult to pay off debts and live on your terms. Finding an extra income source will help you ease your debt burden faster than other strategies because you can direct all your earnings into your repayment account. You can get a part-time job, practice freelancing, or start an online hustle.

Find something you can sell

The quickest way to make money is by selling. Start from home items that you no longer use. Brush them up, polish them, and offload them at a fee. If you have underperforming assets, selling them will not be a bad idea. Invest your returns to pay off your debt. Moreover, you can create digital assets like eBooks, courses, and templates. Brainstorm on your knowledge areas and how to package each one attractively.

Create Envelopes for Expense Categories

To curb overspending or financial interference, create different envelopes for each need. Allocate your income into each envelope before spending. That way, you can readily track your expenses. Where you have leftovers, use the balance to clear off some debts. Meanwhile, there are numerous personal finance applications with an envelope feature. Some have free options while others are paid.

Use the Debt Snowball Method

Having six debt sources can be overwhelming and demotivate you. Often, others resign to fate and hope to become debt-free someday. However, the debt snowball method creates confidence and motivation to clear your debts. Make a list of all your debts and identify the smallest. Channel your resources to offset it first. The ensuing excitement will fuel the next payment and so on.


Start by setting being debt-free as your goal. Afterward, create a plan using any of the seven proven tips to help you become debt-free listed above. If you can think enough, there are areas to generate extra cash. Systematically, you can clear your debts and start the journey towards financial freedom.

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